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2012: Mutava Musyimi for Presidency 
News by  Admin - Sunday July 03, 2011 - 02:14:15

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Mutava Musyimi

Looks like the 2012 general election will have new faces after Hon. Mutava Musyimi declared his interest in the hot seat.

But who is this man? Born in 1952 in Embu district, he attended Kenyatta University which at that time was known as the Univerity of Nairobi - Kenyatta Campus and pursued a Bachelor of Educaton degree. He later joined University of London for a Bachelor of Divinity degree and thereafter the Trinity Divinity School, Illinois for a Master of Theology degree.

It was in 2007  that Mutava joined politics by running for Parliament as Gachoka’s MP. He ran against Joseph Nyagah and won, defeating the fifty (50) year old hold the Nyaga family had on the constituency. During his tenure, Gachoka Constituency has seen improved infrastructure including new roads, piped water, electrification and better utilization and monitoring of Constituency Development Funds (CDF). In Parliament he is the current chair of the Lands and Natural Resources Committee, and a member of the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee.

It looks like this time Kenya is being routed to a road of real change but will Mutava Musyimi have the trust of the majority of Kenyans to get him to the top seat? Does he have what it takes?

Source: PolitiKenya.com


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